Replacement Fuse Box / Consumer Unit

Do You Need to replace your old Fuse Box on The Isle of Wight?

Replacement Fuse Box

*10 way dual rcd controlled consumer units from £395*, Installed, tested and certificated.(Price checked against a national company who charge an incredible £600 + vat).

Outbuildings should be less circuits so priced separately.

New style consumer unit(fusebox replacement) A= 2 X RCDS,B=MAIN SWITCH,C=CIRCUIT BREAKERS

*Please note that the main earthing and bonding to the gas / water services would be checked prior to any changes and if they are not present will need to be installed also and to the required sizing of the current regulations 17th edition BS7671 .Exisiting main earth bonding if undersized is allowed to remain if no signs of deterioration/damage has been identified but a quote for upgrading will be offered and the choice is for the customer to decide.

Do you have any old style fusebox?,well since some may have been installed over 30 years ago the terminals inside may have become loose through continuous use, it may be wise to either have an inspection for peace of mind or upgrade to the new style consumer unit which has the added benefit of 2 rcds(for additional protection against electricshock risk)as well as circuit breakers which protect the circuit and are more consumer friendly then rewirable fusewire or cartridge fuses.There has been many occasions when customers have called me with no lights for instance because a lamp has blown and with the fusewire not intact trying to replace it in the dark.A new consumer unit is designed to eradicate these problems for you.If you were to feel that the exisitng wiring was that old and looking in poor repair,upgrading to a new consumer unit will not improve the situation to the extent some may believe,just prelong the innevitable(a rewire),if in any doubt any qualified and competent electrician will be able to advise how to go about keeping your wiring up to date and more importantly in a state that will see many years of trouble free use.An inspection is recommended every 10 years on a domestic dwelling.

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